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Located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, Parton Lumber Company has achieved constant growth since its founding in 1949. Now owned and operated by third generation Partons, the company continues to lead and prosper in the industry. Using acquired experience, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated work force, Parton Lumber manufactures quality and dependable wood products.

Parton Lumber is constantly looking for ways to maximize yield of resources so that waste is to a minimum. Logs are sawn with band mills having a very narrow kerf. Slabs are chipped for the paper industry.  Sawdust fuels burn efficient boilers. Planer shavings are accumulated and marketed. Bark is ground into mulch for landscape businesses. And with poplar bark, another eco-friendly commodity can be made which is poplar bark siding for homes and buildings.

Our company will continue to seek out ways to provide satisfying forest products while maintaining the integrity of the environment. With Parton Lumber, you can rest assured that impact upon the environment will remain low while quality wood commodities remain superb.


Our North Carolina sawmill facility produces the finest
red oak, white oak, white pine, and poplar lumber and timbers.

We are excited to announce our certification to the SFI® standard. We're now part of a program whose participants plant 650 million trees every year, have invested more than one billion dollars in sustainable forestry research since 1995, and manage for wildlife, soil and water values across more than 250 million acres in North America. We're proud to be part of the SFI program, and ready to help our customers source responsible forest products. Find out more at

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